Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free fun at the Edinburgh Festival...

I love Edinburgh in the festival.
It is full to the brim and full of fun.
I especially like trying to find my way around the free events.

I came across a wonderful little free stand-up comedy show that i saw yesterday
and i'm going to recommend it to anyone who my happen upon Edinburgh any time soon.
It was hilarious and at the same time good clean humour, which is so hard to come across now-a-days especially in stand-up comedy.

The comedian, a self-confessed collector of odd objects such as family photos of people he has never met, came across in a junk shop a box full of love letters all sent to the mysterious teenager named Cathy G spanning the decade of the 60's, from numerous boys who have fallen in love with her.

The letters range from a french boy who spells out,
'i love you Cathy', in kisses,
to stories of the horror of having to go on father-daughter dates
where the nun's forced them to do the polka to, off-hand comments that the writer had just seen Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens in concert and it was, 'alright'.

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  1. a free stand up comedy show?!
    glad it was good!!