Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday i went to the doctors to get some injections for my up-coming move to Egypt.

Now lets just say i have a thing about needles.
Yeah, yeah, i know that when i say that to people they all say, 'yeah me too!'

But i really mean it.

I hyperventilate, scream, cry, kick....
I warn doctors/nurses in advance and they take it in their stride.....
little do they know...

Yesterday i pretty much screamed the clinic down.
Every doctor came into see what the 'emergency' was.

And the nurse (whom i had forewarned) told me that next year i need to come in again for a booster, and would i tell her in advance so she can book that day off.

And yes i was told i was the worst that they had ever come across...
needles to say that's not the first time i've won this trophie.


  1. Oh, yuck! That sounds TERRIBLE.

    At least you're getting the shots for a good reason, though, right? Getting them means you get to go to EGYPT!

  2. holy smokes! i completely forgot you're SCOTTISH!! aaaah! how neato. i love your city {and country} i should have asked you for some pointers before we went.

    ps-i feel the same way about needles... except i pass out. haha. i HATE IT

  3. omg.. and i thought I was scared of needles. apparently you take the cake. :) xo -karrie

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  5. You're coming!!! Or are you actually moving here? Just visiting? I WANT OT KNOW MORE!