Saturday, August 21, 2010

Geek chic?


My little brother Elliott whilst playing on the wii just turned to me and asked, 'does getting strikes every time making me amazing or just a geek'

i automatically told him it made him amazing.

Then i stopped and thought and told him
i also thought that it made him a geek.

But that being a geek is a good thing,
it means that you have pracitised really hard
and become really good at something.

My family often refer to me as The Geek,
perhaps for having odd interests in some things
or for being a bit of a bookworm.
At any rate i take it as a compliment.

Elliott has just turned to me and told me that
he is going to try to become the geek in his class at school.

Oh dear....
have i just inadverntantly ruined his school life?


  1. There is nothing wrong with being a geek, EVER!

  2. that is so adorable!! it is SO GOOD to be the geek! he will be very successful :-)