Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wedding Anniversary.....

No, not mine!
My Mumsy and Popsicle had their 28th Wedding Anniversary last week.
Unfortunately my Pop has just left for a job in Qatar for a year.

So via Skype he arranged with some of his Little Girlies to take my Mumsicle out to her favourite restaurant.

Here is my lovely Mumsy.
A strong woman, coping by herself looking after lots of little boys whilst my Pop is away.
Its not the first time, she has done it before....but i'm sure that its never fun.

I cant remember the name of the restaurant....isnt that awful.
It was a lovely little Italian place owned by one of our neighbours.

They had very good service....
This is a picture of me being carried to look at the desserts.

Natalie looks in wonder at her penguin ice-cream holder....
It was delicious, and we had a lovely girlie night.
and for some reason the Proprietor also decided to brand my sister Meghan...
and give her a quick kiss....

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