Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you like a ukulele lady....

On friday whilst waiting at the bus stop i noted that the
music shop next to it was having 'Ukulele Day' the following day.

Boy oh boy was i excited!

So Saturday morning after having rounded up two of my sisters
with an equal amount of excitement,
we headed in for our free 'learn-to-play-the-ukulele-workshop'
given by Steven Sproat.

It was oodles of fun and i think he was equally happy
to have a such an enthusiastic audience.

Well anyhows, i asked the music shop if they will post me a
ukulele out to Cairo once i find somewhere to live
(fingers crossed that doesnt take too long)
and they are going to be happy to oblige.

i am now counting down the days till i can sit and strum away on my ukulele
and one day be able to play just a little bit like Steven (watch him here)

but please understand this might take a long while
as i'm sure that i have no musical talent whatsoever. ...


  1. Oh dear. Ukelele day sounds like so much fun- I want them to have one here! Maybe I'll start going to music shops and dropping subtle hints.

    p.s. I'm sure you'll be great at it, and playing like a master in no time.

  2. You should bring one along! To make your place feel like you, even? if that makes sense

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