Monday, September 19, 2011

not quite dead...

My blog has not died....well not completely....

I'm working on getting an interent connection up

and running in my apartment.

Most days i'm calling up my landlord telling him

that the connection is still not existent.

He sends round some little man who does something...

but whatever that something is it does not manage

to connect me to the world wide web.

I've got to the point where i hate the sound of my own voice as

i call him up and winge once again that whatever its

is the little man did this time its was still unsuccessful.

Today he implanted to large very ugly cable

that connects from outside my window....

through my bedroom to the living room....

they are just hanging there connecting to nothing

(well probasbly to something but def not to the internet),

looking ugly, and obstructing my ability to

close my window any doors in the apartment....

i'm thinking i should take the high ground and

pretend that i can live without the interent.

but it would be a lie

i cannot

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