Friday, September 2, 2011

Turkey : Disco Shower

Oh yes,
The Disco Shower
which is getting its very own post.

Whilst turning up at some tiny little town
looking for a hotel to stay at,
we walked into the reception we got an exceedingly warm welcome.

'Do you have any rooms?'
'Aha! yes, yes, yes, come with me i have
something very exciting to show you'"

He is acting very excited
about his something exciting.
We are intrigued.

He takes us to a fairly average room.
we try to think of polite things to say.

you do not see exciting thing look....."

and he swings open the bathroom door
and proudly shows us
The Disco Shower.

"Is Disco Shower, is so much fun!"
he pushes some buttons,
and flashing lights come on, music starts
to blast surround sound.
He explains to us the multi functional ways
in which it can spritz its Disco Shower Water.

The bathroom is completed with a mini Disco-Ball lampshade.

And as i giggle
and laugh
and test out The Disco Shower,
he knows he has us hook line and sinker,
we are Disco Shower people,
and we will look no further.

And was it worth it?

let me tell you
when Michael Jacksons Beat It
came on during my Shampooing,

the answer is an astounding

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