Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cairo LIfe....

To be honest,
i dont feel particularly inspired to write very much right now,
even when i grasp a small amount of internet time,
no interesting things appear in my thoughts to blog about and i think....
next time....

My days seem monotonous at the moment.
Each day like every other,
i can barely tell them apart.

On the other hand
the other day as i walked to the Metro
i saw a naked baby walking down the street,
(by walking, i'm meaning the balancing wobble
that a very new walker is so proud to show),

i looked around slighty to see if i
could see any parents....
.and walked on by.

Perhaps this makes me sound cruel and heartless.
Perhaps i am.

If i were in the Uk i would not walk on by...
i would pick up the baby,
franticly look for parents and contact the police.

But this is not the Uk,
and this is not Europe,
and the sight of a naked baby walking down the street does
not encourage anyone to bat an extra eye.

Life here is different....
perhaps these are things that i should write about
in the midst of my monotony.

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