Friday, January 31, 2014

Real food....

One of the things I hate about commuting around London from studio to studio,
is that despite my best efforts i normally end up picking food up 'on-the-go'.
London is the King of 'on-the-go' food.
Everything is packaged and processed to be eaten on the tube,
and dont get me wrong some of it is not just crappy junk food,
but probably fairly enough nice and healthy stuff....
but it all adds up and i end up spending a fortune everytime i just walk past a shop.

I liked this little video i saw on a Cup of Joe.

I try to prepare food at home, 
but so often i just run out of time, or am too tired
and why should i bother when its all there in front of me.

But i agree,
the best food is food that you know what is in it.

The other day i was going to buy a spinach and ricotta pasta sauce,
and i thought to myself  wait a sec,
i could make that easy.
so i bought the ingredients and it took a few minutes,
and i made it.
and it was delicious,
and the level of satisfaction and appreciation for my food was 
far more.
and i had leftovers that i froze for another meal....

Also this month i stopped drinking Fizzy Drinks.
i think its the first time in my life i've gone more than a week with out some form of soda.
(or even a few days, my parents had us drinking it young!)

and sure there have been a couple of days when
i've really really fancied one,
but more often than not i've had a really nice time
buying fresh fruit juices instead....

but dont get me wrong,
i'm counting down the days till
my next can of Irn Bru!

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