Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long long distance....

Husband and I have spent more
of relationship long distance than together.

and I think sometimes people ask us
why are you apart?
How can you do it?
Why would you do it?

and it can be tough at times,
but with modern technology he is only ever 
a text message away, 
literally at a click of a button.
and he is in my thoughts 24/7.

The other day i accidently left my phone at home and
the whole day i felt like i was missing something...
and no it wasnt my phone,
it was my husband.
Normally everytime a thought pops into my
 head i send him a message about it.

It can be anything to annoying man on the tube
to, 'i'm thirsty.
he's in on everything.

It makes me one of those terrible people addicted
to their smart phones.
But i can assure when he is around
the phone goes off.

The main thing you have to have to make 
a long distance relationship work
and future goals.

Both husband and i have seen our separations 
as important steps to future goals,
gotta think big and focus on the bigger picture.

oh dear...
another mushy post....

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