Monday, November 19, 2012

Beach Babe!

So being in Lanzarote has got me trying out some 
water sports...

first up

i totally sucked at surfing...
but i had such a great time!
you could here me a mile away laughing so hard at how bad i was.

my husband went off and left me to fend for myself complete
with no no-how at all...
i kept getting passers-by either laughing at me or
 telling me that i was looking a bit dangerous!
in fact one of the main comments was,
'you know your not meant to surf in the sand?'

but it was pretty hard carrying the board around
and surfing in the sand means you have less distance to fall off.

not that i remotely got anywhere near standing up,
i basically body-boarded.

great fun!

lots of sun
(which for some reason you cant see in 
the picture it looks like terrible weather!)
a pink board.
a great view
warm water
lots of not too difficult waves...

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