Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flying High....


So Captain Tim has some business to do in Slovenia
and i'm tagging along as baggage....eeeek!

More importantly we are going there by airplane... sailing!

Tim and I definitely have a soft spot in our hearts for Slovenia.
Its a beautiful country
with a lot of friends and great people there.
Of course its also the place we met..... 
Lots of shiny memories..

In fact one of the things that we are quite
excited to do is go to the little pizza restaurant
near where Tim used to live.

We realised the other day that everytime we see 
Bolognaise Pizza on a menu we get very excited
and order it in eager anticipation.
Because we LOVE bolognaise pizza....

EVERYTIME we are disappointed,
because the Bolognaise Pizza 
we have ordered just doesnt live up to the  
memories of the bolognaise pizza from that little pizzeria.
(which we dont even remember the name of!)

We were trying to figure it out the other day,
what was it that made that one so much better?

we hope our memories have not been 
tricking us all this time.

I look forward to seeing friends
and places and memories
and hope to make them more sparkly.

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  1. I'm enjoying reading you sailing adventures!

    There's a little "knowing you" series circulating at the moment, I've chosen you as one of the blogs I read to take part if you like x