Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding - ceremony venue

We had our wedding ceremony at Inchcom Island

Tim said if he was going to get married in Scotland it would be in a castle...
well technically it was an Abbey but it was just as groovy.

We did a lot of searching for the perfect place.
We ended up picking this one because it was not so far from my home
(in fact you can pretty much see my house from the island...
and i never even knew that it existed before hand!)

And also because it was on an Island...
and well you cant take my timothy away from water for too long.

It was kind of cool to have the whole island to ourselves as well.
it really felt like our own little haven!

To get there we had hired out the local ferry 

I went on a bit earlier and hid in the Captains Quarter with all my bridesmaids.

i remember just being so excited the whole way over.
i wonder if i was meant to have nerves or something....i was too busy enjoying myself.
from my little quarters i could hear all the guests enjoying themslevs,
including my little brothers singing along very loudly to the music
playlist we had picked for the journey.

All the wedding guests and Tim were piped onto the 
he was pretty awesome, we found him on Gumtree.
at one point i asked him if he knew a tune that i liked, he didnt but i hummed it to him and then he managed to pick it up ant play it!)
He also piped the Star Wars theme tune, which was a favourite.

On arrival to the Island there were lots of seals out sunbathing.


  1. Ohh that is just so romantic:)

  2. I have loved loved loved reading about your wedding. Your venue may just be the best part- it seems so magical!

  3. What an amazing place to get married! I love looking out to there! And you look totally stunning mrs! xx