Saturday, October 27, 2012



Its pretty hard to keep up a blog when your floating on a boat with limited internet connection.

We've gone from the uk to spain and am currently in portugal
heading to the Canary Islands soon.

Here are some of my thoughts on sailing  and my current life in general- 

i do not like the motion of the ocean...
all the up and down, too and fro, side to side makes my head spin 
and my tummy churn.

I do not have sea legs...
they are definitely land lovers legs that like a firm foundation.

Cooking on a bumpy boat is tricky...
it can end up in pumpkin soup being spilled down the walls.

Pumpkin soup can look like vomit...
and make you want to wretch...
to create your very own pumpkin soup creation.

sailing in the wind, hail, lightening, rain and fog is not fun.
i can tell you this from experience.

In the last week (or two, i loose track of the days)
i have sailed on the Irish Sea,
the bay of biscay
and the atlantic ocean.

You can see awesome stars at night when on night watch
in the middle of the ocean.

Going to new locations is fun,

The arriving part is more fun than the travelling part
in my opinion.

i'd rather take a plane.

one of my first things to do when arriving in a new location
is to find my local church,
find my local adult ballet class
find my local swimming pool

most of these are pretty hard to find.

i'm feeling fairly unfit.

It is AWESOME spending every hour of everyday with my husband.

i was a bit apprehensive before i came on the boat
seeing as the last  2 years of our relationship were long distance,
but the more time i spend with him the more 
i enjoy it.

we've barely spent more than an hour or two apart since we've been married.
thats pretty weird right!
but great!!!!!!!

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