Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Castle hunting in wales.....

After Ireland we headed to the north of wales
to a little village called Hollyhead.

To be honest Hollyhead wasnt all that classy a place.
In fact we went to the cinema there and was a pretty funny experience.
i think we may have been the only people to visit it in a long time.
We got a grand tour of the whole establishment...
it may also have been the dirtiest cinema i've ever been in too...

But we did get a chance to hire a car and drive around north wales.
And boy oh boy was it beautiful.

Tim and i like to go see old castles and wales had a few corkers to offer.

We went and visited 3 casltes, all built in the same time period by Edward.
There are no castles like these in Scotland,
mainly because we didnt let Edward conquer us like the Welsh did....
there is a little movie called Braveheart all about it.

I totally suck and cant remember any of the names of any of the castles.

We got a bit peckish and drove by this beautiful little tea house that was on the side of a river.

and then we drove into the Snowdonian Mountain range to go to a copper mine

creepy little Chucky style mannequins

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