Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry Feet...

Sorry feet
for jumping up and down on you very hard for over six hours everyday....

Sorry toenails
for being too lazy to sew up new pointe shoes so now you have turned slightly blue from taking the brunt of it all.

Sorry achilles tendons
for not stretching you enough in-between rehearsals so now you are all inflamed.

Sorry ankles
for not warming up properly before putting on pointe shoes and therefore causing you to seize up

Sorry hips...
i dont know what i did to make you hurt but you do....

Thankyou Captain Tim
for massaging my feet whilst watching Firefly tonight....

needles to say my feet like you better than they like me at the moment.


  1. aww it will be okay! Please take better car of yourself!

  2. aww, take care of those feet of yours! I like the way you wrote this post though :)

    Oh, and thanks for your comment. If I found tins of lace collars, I'd buy them straight away too!

  3. Take care of yourself! Times are changing and dancers are now dancing into their 40's if they take care of their bodies. That could be you. It's hard, I know, but you are so worth it.