Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing Catch up...

i only seem to blog when i'm not busy and therefore actually have nothing to say.
Now i've been lots of fun stuff and had no time(or computer) to write it.

Here are a couple of things of the top of my head -

Saw Bob Dylan in concert,
he sucked he sounded like an old Marge Simpson

Had my last official performance in Ljubljana -
i had planned a mini party for during the curtain calls (party hats and moustaches)
but the show was cancelled due to low temperatures and rain (it was outdoors)

Saw Billy Idol in Concert-
He rocked and still has the groove
Went home to Scotland for the weekend-
To surprise my little brother...(who at 6ft 4 isnt so little any more) who is heading off in a couple of weeks to become a Missionary for my church for two years.

Climbed Arthurs Seat, Went to Dalkeith Park, ate haggis, had a bbq, a fry-up and a game of Scrabble on an original board that was bought i South Africa.

and of course hung out with the fam...

But the biggest news is that i jumped on a plane this week and went to Cairo for three days where i didn't get a chance to see much of the (humongous) city, but did get offered a job as a Soloist in The Cairo Opera Ballet...

Which lets just say is a big promotion from my current predicament...

Things are looking

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    That's so, so exciting, not to mention- what a fun new city to explore!