Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i had been thinking for a while what i wanted to do with myself....
being slightly unhappy with my role here in the ballet company for a while now.

But when i was told i no longer could be a dancer i realised in a moment
that is exactly what i wanted to do,


There was a gala performance here with some International stars dancing.

(dancers- Adiarys Almeida, Tjasa Kmetec, Lukas Zuchlag, Peter Dvoarski, Bridget Breiener, Ivan Gil-Ortega, Bojana Otrin, Joseph Bunn,)
Photos- Andrej Petek

Watching the perform gave me chills and i smiled from ear to ear the whole performance.

Even though i wasnt dancing, i thought to myself,
'This is why i dance'

So in the words of Einstein...

'I'm thankful to all those people who said,'NO' because of them i did it myself.'

and i have it on good authority he was a fairly clever guy.


  1. I love those moments, when you realize exactly why you do what you do. They are so wonderful; I'm glad you had one as you embark on your next adventure!