Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby ballet....

Teaching baby ballet classes goes from moments 
of where your heart skips a beat because they are so dang cute...
(-whenever they hold hands and skip,
-when they remember something you said the week before that 
you thought no one had listened to,
-when you can see them making friends 
even though they dont speak the same language)

To moments of despair,
where you are the big bad wolf initiating crowd control,
making them stand still when all they want to do is wiggle
and chat with their new friends.

I really wish they understood when i tell 
them off it makes me so sad,
(and hope they realise that after they've
been told off they get so many extra nice comments
cause i feel so guilty for having been strict with them)

After the first day of lessons i told my husband
i was changing my mind about having kids...

then i sat next a little 10 month year
old boy on the tube going home who i ended
up playing with on my lap the whole journey
and changed my mind again
(dont even get me started how the adoption 
adverts in the metro make me cry and wanna
adopt all the little children)


  1. Aren't little ones funny that way? Back and forth between the most precious thing in the world and absolutely the worst. But usually they lean towards the best, I think.

    It sounds like you're (mostly) enjoying teaching- I'm so glad to hear it!

  2. I love children, but the two kids that live downstairs make me never want to have children.