Saturday, October 5, 2013

Still in London.....

i realised that i havent written about why i'm still in London even though my ballet teaching course is over.
its because i'm onto course number 2, which will run for the next 9 months.
so husband is still away sailing at sea and i'm still mining my way through the streets of London.

i'm doing my Pilates teachers course.
I looked into a lot of Pilates Teacher training courses, there are so many of them out there.

I've always enjoyed Pilates, 
i used to go to a class once a week when i was between the ages of 15-18 
in Edinburgh. My mum sent me when she heard it was good for ballet.
It was,
it changed the way that i thought about movement
and it progressed me as a dancer in so many ways.

that was 10 years ago,
i havent really done much pilates since other
than occasionally doing the few exercises that i could remember.
in fact i've really struggled to find a Pilates teacher who taught in a way that inspired me in
the way that my old teacher did.
Theres a lot of things called 'Pilates' out there that really aren't.

but for years i've been saying that when i stopped dancing i wanted
 to take up Pilates
more and think about teaching it.

So i am.

I picked a course here in London 
by the guy who trained my Pilates teacher all those years ago,
His name is Alan Herdman and he was the first person to bring Pilates to the UK.

So far the course has been everything that i've wanted.
i'm learning so much and the dynamics of the 
course suit me to a T.

Its great, i have the excuse to spend all my spare time in
the Pilates studio practising! 

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