Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Fun Teacher....

I always pegged myself as the 'fun teacher'.
I thought, I'm going to be the teacher
that all the students love,
I'm going to be so much fun.

Turns out i'm not....
I had a few comments over the last week that 
perhaps I could be a little bit nicer....
a little bit more fun.

And i went and watched another teachers class 
for inspiration,
and she was definitely the, 'fun teacher'
and I realised that i'll never be the fun teacher 
as I want a little bit more than my
ballet classes to be just fun.

I want my students to have really learned something each class,
I want them to not only learn to dance and have fun doing so
but to learn that ballet is hard work and disciplined,
that when you go and watch those
performances in the theatre you dont just think to yourself,
'oh that was pretty'
you think dancing takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

So i think that i'll shoot for the 'Firm but Fun' teacher.

and to be honest the teachers that i look back and respect
the most werent always the nicest.
Some of the down right scared me.

This journey of finding out who I am as a teacher
is going to be a long and winding road....

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