Saturday, October 5, 2013

Being the teacher....

Some times i come out of the classroom and i'm
sitting on the tube on the way home and i realise
all the things i could have done to make the class better.

Mainly its when i forget to tell them how well they have
done at working hard.
I get so focussed on the corrections and
how to make them better that
i dont take the time to commend their efforts and improvement.

and i dont want to be the kind of teacher that
never pulls a student up and always breaks them down.

Sometimes i realise that i've given some students way more
attention than others,
and after i've left i think to myself how did 'such and such'
do in class today and i realise that i dont know as
i didnt give her enough attention.

i wonder how that makes the students feel,
they probably think its because i dont like them, 
and not simply my inadequacies as a teacher,
not quite always getting the balance right just yet.

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