Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snapshots of summer.....

Seeing as i had many adventures recently which i didnt get 
round to blogging about i thought i'd just share a few snapshots of my summer.

 Thia is at Monkey World in Dorset, 
where they house rescued Monkeys.
This Gibbon saw us and then came up and sat on this branch 
and did the most hilarious little wiggly dance...
 At the Olympic Boxing....

Porchester Castle

Playing Mini-Golf...
when i told the woman in the shop my score at the end she was pretty shocked...
and not in the good way...
i think it was a record.

Sunday Afternoon bike trip to Netley Abbey


A trip to the submarine museum,
getting in touch with my inner submariner
(my grandad was on the subs)

He was the wireless man sending all the morse codes
i think its in the blood

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