Friday, August 3, 2012

On horses and swimming....

We are currrently moored in a tiny little village in Dorset called Hamble.
Its quite cute, and if you go out in the evening all the locals get dressed up in their posh gear to go out for dinner at the two local restaraunts.
(something Tim failed to tell me on our first night out, where i wore what i had worn 
on the bus on the way down, i felt very out of place)

Anyhows, been feeling a little bit lazy.
So Tim and i have been visiting the local swimming pool in the evenings on occasion.

To get there we have to walk through a big field which has lots of friendly horses in it.
Like this dude with his moustache.

and this wee horsey that reminds me of all my My Little Ponies.

I love watching the swimming on the Olympics....
mainly because its an easy sport to understand, 
the person who goes the fastest wins.

Although being in the pool myself makes me realise just how hard it is.
I have absolutely no stamina.
Dancers tend not to,
 as most of our work is done in short little bursts.

There were a couple of old ladies in that pool who
 were most definitely out swimming me
as i took a pause to catch my breathe every now
 and then and they kept on soldiering on.

I guess my Gold will just have to wait.

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