Thursday, August 23, 2012

A pirates life for me....

i'm not totally missing in action.
i just spent the last few days on my first sailing trip,
 from the south coast of england to the north of scotland.

seeing a cool pirate style ship
seeing dolphins

Lowlights -
getting totally sea sick on the second day and puking up a lot

meanwhile my wedding is in two and a half weeks 
and sometimes the thought of that just reminds me of the things that i dont quite have under control yet .
turns out when it comes to the wedding i've turned into a 
SUPER-Control Freak!

No wedding shoes
no dj
flowers not fully organised
musicians not fully confirmed
people wanting to bring extra plus ones (asking 2 weeks in advance is not cool)
a bridesmaid dress down, and i'm seriously doubting it will even fit when it arrives

On the uber up side....
my wedding dress is finally coming toogether.
My big sister has worked wonders after a heck of a lot of tears on my side.
The last time i tried it on before i left it had finally turned into what i had originally planned....

it only took 4 dressmakers
a million fittings
buying the material twice
carting it across continents and countries

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