Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding - The Day Before, Decoarating...

The day before the wedding was pretty busy.
We had  made the decision long ago when we first got engaged to 
pick a venue that we could decorate ourselves.

This was a lot more difficult to do that it sounds!
Most places want you to take their wedding package,
a list of 3 set meals that they provide and you pick your decorations from their stock.

I've been to weddings like this before and i find more often than not
they lack the personality of the Bride and Groom,
we wanted to be able to have our wedding reflect who we are,
not what some expert decorated has decided is fancy,
or to eat fancy food that i would never choose to eat
other than they gave it to me on a fancy list.

This obviously meant a lot more work,
but i think it also made it a lot of fun.

Here is a little idea of how we decorated our tables- 
our flowers were sunflowers and dried lavender
each table alternated with these.

The flowers were placed in antique glass bottles
that i had found at an anitques market,
along with a collection of vintage jars and glass bottles from my mother-in-laws

Each table had a centre piece of a board game that we liked to play -
for example -
Snakes and Ladders

My little sister Georgia hand made all the place cards for the guests reflecting their Game.

Georgia was also a trooper and went around sourcing 
vintage teacups which she then made into Lavender scented
 candles that were placed on some of the tables.

Other tables had jars with LED twinkle lights inside.

We gave each guest a Christmas Cracker to pull 
(i love Christmas Crackers)
and insisted on everyone wearing their paper party hats throughout the meal.

Back when i first got engaged people kept asking me what were my wedding colours,
apparently its a big thing.
I didnt know so i picked Navy Blue and white,
i figured it give us a nautical theme.
although to be fair i didnt use these colours anywhere other than having blue table cloths 
as opposed to white.

We were really glad to have found the 
Kirknewton Stables as our reception venue.

The grounds and hall  were beautiful and the owner
 just let us do what we wanted with no interference.

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  1. I love the idea of boardgames as centre pieces, you did a great job at keeping it personal, I love it:)