Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Wedding - The Week Before....

So the week before the wedding (maybe two) was pretty intense.
i became a quickfire ready to snap at anyone who got in my Bridezilla ways!

Tim who was away on the boat was getting phonecalls every few hours with 
wedding questions that he didnt really care about...
although i was sure he should be very interested
 in what colour the wedding programme paper was.

The biggest meltdown came when 9 days prior to the 
wedding i tried on my veil and headdress and the headdress snapped into two pieces.
I recall holding it in my hand and wondering why it 
was in two pieces...
before my brain could register that it had snapped into two.

Let me tell you this, i had found this headdress on the internet long before i met Tim!
It's been being eyeballed online many a time and within 
a week of having got engaged i had ordered it.

So seeing it in two pieces was not what i wanted,
 especially after it was hand made in the States.

But all was sorted fairly quickly when i managed to get in
 touch with the woman who made it and she Fed-Exed my out a
 replacement which thankfully arrived within 2 days of her posting it...
and i'm so glad because i love it so much! 

In the 5 days before the wedding we had 9 dropouts
 (2 who texted us mid-way through the wedding day!)....
thankfully most of them before we had finalised numbers with the caterer, and being in my home town my mum and dad were able to fill up the empty spots with some friends so nothing was wasted.

(i'm currently sailing the Irish Sea with only sporadic internet connection 
so it might take me a while to write this up but please bear with me 
cause i really want to!
Also, i dont have any fancy wedding photos yet...
just the ones from my mums facebook page....)

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  1. Love that headdress, I would have freaked if it had broken 9 days before my wedding... I tried not being too much of a bridezilla, but when my cousin texted a few days before if her boyfriend could come (he was invited, then they broke up and she said he wasn't coming, and then they got back together), well the bridezilla broke out. I don't think there is any bride that doesn't have just a little bridezilla in them:)