Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding - My Bridesmaids.....

Let me take a moment to introduce my lovely Bridesmaids to you.

There was Nina My Maid Of Honour-
Nina is from Slovenia
and we danced together in the Slovene National Ballet.
She is one of the few people who know me and Tim as a couple,
and has been there from the start of our relationship and has 
been a constant listener to the ups and downs of it all 
and this was her first experience of a British Wedding,
never really having experienced a wedding with Bridesmaids at it was all new to her!
i'm not sure she would have agreed if she realised it would
 have meant carrying my dress around so it didnt get stuck in the mud all the time!

Georgia is my littlest sister
She also became my right hand man throughout the wedding planning.
Being far more artistic than myself]it was great to share ideas with her
and for her to bring them to fruitation...
with a lot of hard work may i add!
She also managed to put up with my stress head
 in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding,
being the only bridesmaid who was actually in close proximity!

Sarah is my oldest friend....
not that she is really old,
more that we've known each other since we were 12 years old.
As a person who is useless at keeping in touch with people its great that Sarah is one of those
people who even though we havent seen each other in years when we meet up
we know that we are Kindred Spirits.
In fact her comment on my dads speech in the evening
was that she could remember most of the stories that he told,
mainly because she was there for them all,
which i dont think anyone else in the room could claim to.
Sarah made me and all the bridesmaids some beautiful earrings for the wedding.

Technically we called him a Bridesman....
I guess a male bridesmaid is not the norm,
Steven and i have been friends since i was 16.
And he's such a lovely guy,
 i meet up with him every year
when i m back in the Uk,
and although he is a busy guy with his glamour life
he always makes time for little old me 
 and its always and adventure!
Steven did my make up for the wedding...

i loved that each of my bridesmaids 
contributed to my wedding in different ways.

I had  a flowergirl as well.
Tim's half-sister Lara.
They've only met a couple of times but it was nice for us
to be able to include her as part of the family.

Originally i had wanted my bridesmaids in a bright bright yellow dress,
but after the disaster of having them made in Egypt....
i decided to go out shopping and see what was out there.
Turns out yellow is not the popular colour that i like to think it is!

I cam across these yellow polka dot dress in Joy.
I loved them!
I didnt want something to 'bridesmaidy'
i wanted a simple tea style dress.
I also love the mustard shade to them as opposed
 to the bright yellow i had originally imagined.

Steven wore the same kilt as the grooms wedding party,
but instead of the lavender button holes they had
 (should of had but thats a whole other story)
him and my dad had a sunflower button whole
to show that they were from my wedding party.

I loved the sunflower button holes!
I was worried they might look to big but i love the big vibrant colour they gave.

My poor bridesmaids, 
you can see in these pictures just how cold they are!
But they suffered in my summer tea dresses on an a sunny but cold Scottish day.

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