Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding....the Day Before....

After a fairly busy day getting all the last minute organising 
done i popped round to see my sister who had 
brought the nearly finished dress up from London.

alexis putting on my dress on the wedding morning

I gave it a try on,
very exciting to finally have my dress looking how i had always dreamed it.
She made a few final adjustments and all was well!

I then headed out to dinner with my sisters and a couple of my bridesmaids.
It was nice just to get a chance to relax and chill, not too much wedding talk going on there
just catching up with old friends and family.

It was nice as well because i had made the decision to spend my wedding night at The Hawes Inn
as it was just opposite my Ceremony Venue, 
so that i could just walk across the road to get there in the morning.
It was a great decision as i felt completely stress free in the morning.

We rented out the big room and me and 3 of my 
bridesmaids spent the night there together.
Chillaxing a bit,
excited for my Big Day!!!!!

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