Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dont Tell The Bride.....

i realised i havent blogged here about my recent obsession.
(along with wedding planning)

4 words-

'Dont Tell The Bride'

Don't tell the Bride, is a tv show that is being played on BBC 3.
its on its 6th season, but i've only just discovered it (why oh why!)

Basically the premise of it is that a couple are given 
12grand to pay for the wedding on one condition...
The Groom plans the whole event, 
location, dress, food, decor, bridesmaid dresses, shoes....the lot.

The Bride and Groom separate 3 weeks before the big
day and the Groom has those 3 weeks to plan the
wedding with only the help of his best man.

and it is AWESOME!
brides sky-diving to their wedding,
pride and prejudice themed weddings,
brides with no wedding shoes,
hideous dress melt downs!

trust me....
reality tv at its best 

(i think there is an american version but i cant vouch for its awesomeness)

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  1. There is a Danish version, and I laugh everytime I see a bride having a meltdown over something small... though I doubt I would have been much better:)