Sunday, September 30, 2012

WEDDING - Getting up and ready....

When i woke up in the morning the first thing i did 
was get one of my bridesmaids to look out the window and check the weather....
there was a tiny patch of blue sky to be seen!

All was well with the world!

In fact there was not a drop of rain the whole day

We slowly showered and had breakfast.
I gave myself plenty of time to get dressed and ready.
Which i look back on and think was a good idea,
although at the time it felt a bit like,
'oh why did i tell everyone to come so early...'
but it meant i was super relaxed and had plenty of time
to chill and take my time over everything.

Georgia did my hair
(i had originally planned to have a hairdresser come,
but at our hairtrial i decided that i wanted it braided,
and to be honest Georgia was pretty good at braiding without any need to 
spend money on a fancy hairdresser)

Steven did my make up.
and him and Karl ended up steaming my veil in the bathroom
when the steamer stopped working.
(good thing Karl is a professional stylist and knew these fashion tips!)

and Alexis sewed me into my dress.

hehe...yes sewed me into it.
As a dancer i'm sewed into my costume many a time...
its the best way, so rather than worrying about how we were going to get it on and off.
She just sewed me into it

(which meant of course that she had to cut me out of it later in the evening!)

my sister Meghan was there to take photos
(these are not here photos these are from my mums iphone!)
i look forward to getting them.
She was very unobtrusive and for a person who doesnt 
feel comfortable posing in front of a camera without sticking 
my tongue out or pulling a funny face 
i think she did a great job....
the proof will be in the pictures....

And then it was time to get on my boat to go to our wedding on an island....

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