Thursday, September 27, 2012

A break from Wedding Posts....

So your probably sick of wedding posts...
and i'm going to be really slow at writing them...
and in the meantime i have been doing loads of new and 
exciting things as part of my new life as Mrs. Reid!

Things like sailing across to Northern Ireland.
My first time.
We anchored just off a little town called Killyleagh.

When Tim and I finally made it to land it turned out 
our fancy big boat was quite the talk of the village!
We have let them come to the conclusion that we owned the boat
rather than just crewing it....
But it also turned out that we had arrived just in time for the big event of the year in the village...
The Grand Chocolate Ball!

Oh yes a Chocolate themed Ball...
oh and did i mention it was in a castle?
well it a castle....
in this castle!
isnt it the most Princessy castle you have ever seen!

And my lovely husband bought us tickets
(after pretending to own the boat)

The locals were fantastic and we had a great time...
in fact we were the star guests of the ball...
we got our own introduction!

There wasnt as much chocolate as i would have liked,
and it was more eating than dancing...
but i managed to sneak in a couple of slow dances with my hubby,
it was so romantic!

We also went on a trip to Belfast.
(i have lots of pictures of all these things but i havent
downloaded them yet and i have to grab internet whilst i can0

My favourite thing was the Crown bar that we went to.
Its an old whorehouse that is now a respectable pub/restaurant.
The architecture was beautiful and we sat in our own little 
closed off booth to have our food.
The food was gggoooooodddd!

we also went on a Black Cab Tour of political Belfast.
Basically a taxi driver takes you to the Protestant and Catholic areas of the city,
there are lots of murals around depicting the tensions.
Also i never realised that the tensions there were still so high.
It was a definite eye opener,
especially to see the large gates that are closed every night between the 
Protestant and Catholic areas of the city.
It was very reminiscent of  Old Berlin....

Today we are in Wales....
but i'll get to that another day.

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