Thursday, January 27, 2011


Whilst most of the pictures coming out of the news on Egypt look a bit like this

and here is a picture taken by a friend of mine -

i'd like to also show a couple of pictures taken by another
friend of mine which show a different side of protests

After finishing my last post on tuesday just before all the protests and rioting began,
i pretty much havent left home.

What i know from the protests are pictures and news reports.

Although, living just a few minutes from Tahrir Square (where the main protests are being held) and just of Kasr El Ein, one of the main streets leading up to the Square,
if i stood out on my balcony on tuesday
i could see the masses of people at the end of my road.
I could hear the noises all night long.
The chanting, the shouting, the sirens.

Here is a video which takes place directly at the bottom of my road

Some better, differing accounts,
of what took place on the street can be read
here and here by fellow friends of mine.

things seemed quieter.
With the main crowd having been dispersed.
But i see on the news that there is still a lot of unrest around.

i tried to venture out the house again to head to work.
Normally i take the metro and have to change onto a connecting line underneath Tahrir Square that takes me to the Opera House, but the station was closed. I returned to the main road next to my house to catch a taxi, but in the 15 minutes that i had been in the metro station the streets which had been relatively policeman free a few moments before where now been blocked up again.

It made me feel uncomfortable and i headed straight back home again.

I'll try again today.

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  1. This is fascinating to see a different side of the protests. All we know is what the media is telling us here in the UK, but to see this puts a different perspective on things.

    Hope you're ok.