Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Del-Boys Castle

I'll admit when i moved to Egypt i didnt cry
at leaving behind my family or friends,
but i did shed a tear or two over leaving
behind my pet tortoise, Del-Boy.

But we've been having regular skype chats
where she gives me looks down the web cam a bit like this-

and then walks over the keyboard leaving me messages a bit like this-

(which translated from tortoise means i miss you mummy)

But now Del-Boy has been on the move and travelled all the way back to the Uk.

I was a little bit mad at Captain Tim for taking
her without making the correct preparations
(ie. a new tortoise house for her to live in)

but on Christmas day i received a wonderful
surprise that he had spent his whole day building Del-Boy a Castle.

isn't it the cutest little thing!
it has little sunflowers painted on it as they are Del-Boys (and my) favourite flower.

There is also a Christmas tree so that Del-Boy can celebrate Christmas,
and a Lemon Tree, so she can sing a song to it.


  1. Oh my, that IS the cutest little thing! Besides maybe skype dates with your pet tortoise.