Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A nail biting experience....

Until about 2 years ago i was a chronic nail biter.
Not even noticing it,
my fingers were always in my mouth,
being chewed away on.

After years of trying to stop i suddenly came to a realisation.
I enjoy biting my nails.
It gave me something to do in boring situations,
or if i was slightly hungry it could keep my occupied until some real food came along.

I know this is going to sound very wrong,
as being a nail biter in todays society is deemed a bad thing.
I've spent years constantly being told by people,
strangers and friends,
to get my fingers out my mouth,
what a dirty habit it was ect. ect.

For years i took it....
humbly shook my head in remission when i was being told
for the umpteenth time about my terrible habit.
But then i decided, nope.....
i wasnt going to take it any more,
i was going to declare my nail biting love.....
so i did.

I would tell my smoker friend as she dragged away on her cigarette lecturing
me on the evils of nail biting that at least my bad habit wasnt proven to kill me.

But then i stopped,
not through trying i would like to add
(many year s of that had failed),
in fact, i had my wisdom teeth pulled out and it was too painful for a long time
to do any form of chewing....
and my nails grew,
and i discovered my love for now being able to
paint them in bright colours.

i brought this subject up because i had a
sneaky little nibble the other day,
and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

And i'm currently weighing up my love of bright nail colours
and of nail biting....

i tell you its a fine line......

but whilst i'm in debate i call out to all those nail biters in the world.
Don't be ashamed....
Don't stand the repression....
Be proud!
Chew on!

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  1. I used to be an awful nail biter, I can't do it now though, it freaks me out a bit