Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So two post in one day,
this must be a first for me.

But after leaving the house after writing the last post to head to work,
i promptly returned back home and barricaded myself indoors.
I've tried to call my Director to tell her i'm not coming in
but couldnt get through so have called a friend who lives on the other side of town
to tell her that i'm not venturing out today.


Because it appears that there is some sort of revolution
happening at the bottom of my street.
Okay, revolution maybe a slightly dramatic word,
but it sounds way better than super big protest.

At any rate i left my house to head to the metro station
only to find my street blocked off by about 30 police men in their finest
'you aint gonna pass me' outifits, ie. shields, helmets truncheons....

Thinking that i could just walk to the next station along
i started down the main road,
only to see every road blocked off in a similar manner,
then i realised that it was pretty much just me
and the policemen on the street and was eerily quiet.

I freaked out and headed quickly home.

Since then things have picked up,
i can hear a lot of shouting and police sirens.
I just peaked out from my balcony and they seem to be marching
down the bottom of the street,
not turning down it, so i think all is well.

Its times like this i wish i was a tortoise
and could hide in my shell...

(pictures from bbc.co.uk news website)


  1. Oh dear, I hope everything's okay! You can't hide in your shell, but you can hide in your apartment, and it sounds like that's just what you're doing.

  2. I hope you're okay, just heard on the news it was even worse in Egypt today.
    Stay safe!