Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuovo....

This December 31st I welcomed in the year 1991 from Spain.

I learned the Spanish tradition of popping a grape
into my mouth with every dong that the clock struck
on the video that we pulled off of youtube,
which happened to be from Madrid when they were welcoming in 1991.

Perhaps it wasn't particularly midnight at that precise moment
here in Egypt,
but we figured that seeing as we were celebrating 1991,
which has already been and gone at any rate,
it didnt really matter.

Then perhaps i got a phonecall from a boy
who had walked up to the top of a hill in the snow and the dark
hundreds of miles away
to get reception on his phone so he could wish me a happy new year.

Perhaps that was the best welcome
into the new year that i have ever had.

Perhaps he called me back a few minutes later
to say he couldnt find his way home in the dark
and that he was sure he could hear wolves howling.

I havent heard from him since....