Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday i was tired up to the point of exhaustion.

My legs were wobbling like jelly trying to keep my body standing upright.

she shouted at me in Russian,
a language i can barely comprehend and cannot speak.

It was just the beginning of the day,
and my legs got tired-er and tired-er
and i wanted to tell her i couldnt go on,
but didnt.

And things just got worse from there on in as i tried to push through
the barrier of exhaustion.

And i cried.
And it felt good.

And it reminded of a quote from one of my favourite movies,

"but what do you do?
You laugh.
I'm not saying i don't cry,
but inbetween, i laugh.
I realise how silly it is to take everything too seriously.
Plus, I look forward to a good cry - it feels good"

The Garden State

so today i'm trying to laugh.


  1. Oh, honey. I'm sorry you're so exhausted. This is the perfect quote, though- thank you so much for sharing it. Here's hoping the laughter works for you today!

  2. You are such a doll. I was told at one point that I COULD have been a ballerina! Just don't let anyone be abusive to you even though you have such hard work and practice!

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