Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cheerful Rainy Day Thoughts

As it is such a miserable rainy day out side i've decided to think of things that have made me smile in the last 24 hours.

Reading my sisters facebook status which read -
just found a home made comic in the bathroom... little brothers are strange?!?

watching Samantha Who?

receiving a pretty new vintage lacey mint green dress that i bought in the post

receiving three Cadburys Twirl bars in the post

eating three Cadburys Twirl bars

chatting with my 10yeard old brother Jordan on facebook
when the conversation went a bit like this -

me - what did you do today?
Jordan - nothing
me- what? didnt you go to school?
jordan - yeah...but why would i bring that into my life story?

coming out of the meeting with my Director that i've been
putting off for ages (i wanted to ask for a payrise) and realising that it wasnt so bad.

starting a new book

listening to Sweet Charity soundtrack this morning on my ipod

listening to The Dave Gorman Podcast on my ipod last night

seeing how excited Del-Boy gets when i give her a tomato

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