Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Crazy Christmas Lady...

So i would say that its pretty much Spring now....
and yet....
i still have my Christmas decorations up.

I know, I know its wrong....
and yet...
I've decided not to take them down.
I like them.
(and besides its only a little bit)

Its my apartment and i will do what i like with it

So go ahead,
Call me The Crazy Christmas Lady if you want....
i dont care.

perhaps i'll get to hang out with these
fun people.....
( especially the last one)


  1. oh i love that scene from bridget jones! be a crazy xmas lady- i love it!

  2. Haha no wonder you liked my Christmas tree post!

    Let's bring Christmas back all year round. It's such a happy warm time of year. I noticed Wendy from Red boots has a christmas tree in her house too atm, so we're definitely not along in the Christmas love :)

  3. Eh, if it works for you, I say keep those decorations up until next year!