Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little bit of delayed Sandra loving....

So i just watched, 'The Blind Side' for which Sandra won her Oscar...

but i'm not giving her some loving time for that, even though she did a good job
or for how gorgeous she is....

(here she is playing with the reporters daring them to touch her Golden Man)

Nope, i am giving Sandra a little bit of luvin for this.....

This is Sandra turning up at The Razzies the night before the Oscars to accept her Worst Actress award.
She brings a copy of the DVD of her movie for everyone in the audience, as she thinks that if they had all actually seen her film they would never have voted her Worst Actress, and promises to return the award next year as she is sure they will all agree.

You've got to love a A-List Hollywood actress who can take things with a little bit of tongue in cheek...


  1. Sandra Bullock is amazing. So down to earth, yet so elegant- that oscar dress was gorgeous!

  2. I love her. You've summed it up :)

  3. I love her for this. So very much.