Thursday, March 25, 2010

My name is David...

I'm a firm believer that children should have a bit of mischief in them.
Well-behaved, clean children scare me.....

(pictures of my little cousins who i haven't met but know i would get along with)

(and my little brothers who i have met....)

My mum and dad went to parents day at the school yesterday.
She couldn't quite believe the glowing reports of 'little angels' that my
four younger brothers were getting.

and then they came to Jordan...

Jordan is ten.
The teacher said he is normally very well behaved
but last week there was a substitute teacher in
and Jordan told the sub-teacher that his name is now David
and he had changed his name officially by deed poll.
So she called him David for the rest of the week.

I bet everyone in class was having a good giggle
and that Jordan/David was the 'bees-knees'.

My mother saw mortified on hearing this.
My dad cried with laughter.

His big sisters all find him highly amusing.


  1. hahah I love little children! My 8 year old brother is one of my best friends :)

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