Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today i am very sad.
I finally threw away my video player,
(mainly because it was broken)
I only have one video here,
but have a very large childhood collection at home.
People keep laughing at me here as to why i've been
hanging onto it...

I'll tell you why....

I am sad that gone is an era of taping
things of the telly.
I will missing laughing over the dodgy old adverts
that have become part of the film as they are steadfastly there
every time i watch it, like an old friend.

Remember the days of not being able to set up the automatic timer
so you could go out and tape your favourite programme...
only to come home and discover, you failed to do it...again!
Oh, how i will miss the anticipation of not knowing if this time it will work....

I am sad my children will never truly know the wonderful
world of VCR.....


  1. i love this post of yours.. nastalgia. i miss rumaging through the vhs and reading my mom's handwriting and laughing at how she tended to make up titles to films ;)

    there is something loss when technology continues isn't there? like the Kindle. I LOVE flipping real pages and the smell of a new book... and then when i'm done, off it finds a spot in my personal library. Why on earth would i want the kindle?


  2. that is a sad moment for everyone of our generation, I won't lose mine yet though!

  3. i agree completely. I too have many VHS that I refuse to give up. I remember having an old worn out copy of the A&E version of pride & prejudice (6 hours long) on 4 different tapes. At a time in my life when I could not afford Cable and would watch it over and over. Or recording interviews of a favorite artist becasue you just couldn't get enough of them... memories.

  4. My friend's mom still tapes things from television. My friend and her brother are trying desperately to get her to just get tivo, but she won't do it.