Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please Be Kind To Winter....

I have been getting very sad recently whenever people say,
"Oh, i wish winter was over and we could move onto summer"
"i'm fed up with this snow"

Poor Winter!
Have you stopped to think about her feelings?

Do you not remember when you were excited to get your
woolly mittens and favourite knitted jumper from the back of the closet?

Do you not remember when you eagerly begged her for snow?
Waking up every morning peaking out the window to see
if today was indeed the day when she would answer your plea?

What has changed?
Now, she snows for you, trying to please you in the only way that she knows how.
She makes it icy cold so you can wrap your favourite scarf tighter around you-
and you grump and groan and say 'no more!'.

The other seasons never get this kind of treatment,
everyone looks forward to Spring as it leads to Summer.
No-one ever complains Summer is too long,
normally they complain its not enough.
Autumn is short and full of pretty colours that make you forget
that she is here to welcome in Winter.

Please Be Kind To Winter.....


  1. Hey :)

    SHE "Winter" has been VERY unkind this year...I'm glad to see her go back home. Welcome Mr. Spring.......I will be hugging, loving, and grinning all in his face. Btw, the drawing in the header is VERY nice...makes me think of Aladdin.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. I love this post so much :)

  3. I'm with Sara. Winter isn't so bad! (I'm still ready for spring, though!)

  4. winter does get a bad rap doesn't it! here in the arizona desert winter is one of my favorite seasons... it's those hot summers that i can't wait to be rid of!