Monday, April 26, 2010

A Marriage....

Can I introduce you to my lovely friend Stanka?

and my lovely friend Davor who got married on Saturday?

Stanka waited for two years for Davor to return from Spain where he spent two years as a missionary for our church.
They announced their engagement six weeks ago.
Three weeks ago I had a conversation with Stanka about how the wedding preparations were coming along.

What are you going to wear i asked?

Stanka proceeded to tell me that she hadn't got round to that yet but that she was probably going to make something her self that she could re-use.

I asked her about the flowers.
She told me she was hoping the Forget-Me-Nots would bloom in time for the wedding. They did. In fact i spent most of Friday in a field picking wild Forget-Me-Nots to decorate the hall.
She made her own bouquet.

I asked her about rings?
She said she had told Davor that she had a ring that she normally wears that she could use, you know....just switch fingers....
Davor told her this wasnt allowed!
and i definitely saw matching rings on the day.

In Slovenia its the law that you have to get married at the Castle by a Government Official before you can have a religious ceremony.
So that makes picking the destination easy.
(They are heading to Frankfurt tomorrow to get married in the temple.)

Davor and Stanka's wedding was a beautiful wedding.
Photography, Viedeography, Food, Decoration, Music ect.... were all done by friends who gave their time to help out them out.

It was a beautiful wedding because the wedding itself wasnt important.
What was important was that they were getting married
and preparing to start a life together.

I often speak to people who claim that they cant get married because they cant afford to.
Anyone can afford to get married....a marriage itself doesnt cost any money.


  1. This is so sweet! That's awesome that she waited for him. I know many a missionary who received the Dear John letter. She is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. what a gorgeous and happy wedding! congrats to the newlyweds :)