Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Rusty and The Childlike Empress.....

Rusty is my bike.

When i first moved to Ljubljana and my Dad was driving over with some things he asked me if there was anything i needed,
'a bike' requested I.
'A bike?' my Dad questioned
very sensibly seeing as i havent ridden a bike since i was about 8 years old.

but on arriving here i saw people of all ages and sizes cycling around and i was envious.
Ljubljana is a beautiful place to cycle around, mainly because its flat and the bike paths are so safe. In the summer the buses become empty and the cycle paths filled.

Being my Daddy and being a fulfiller of wishes he found Rusty
in the back of my Aunts garden where he had become lonely and misused ever since my Aunt had moved on and forgotten all about him and brought him over.

It was love at first sight.

Rusty has been in hibernation over winter but this weeki managed to bat my eyelashes at a bicycle pump owner the other day who duly came around and pumped up Rustys flat little tyres and yesterday we embarked on our first adventure of the season.

The sun was out and the birds were a-tweeting and i told Rusty how much i had missed him.

Unfortunately i have no pictures of Rusty and i , but instead here are some pretty pictures of other girlies with their very own Rustys....

(For some reason i only like to cycle wearing a dress...
it's such a lovely feeling.
I have also discovered that cycling in stilettos is pretty fun....)

(P.S i was not at all brave,
and melted like a piece of chocolate in a fondue)


  1. oh my gosh. i couldn't be more jealous of your life. 1 your a ballerina. that's about it. it begins and ends there--i could not imagine anything more thrilling.

    2. biking in a dress. the best. period.

  2. I agree. Biking in a dress is my favoritest thing ever. Especially if it's to a market where I can buy strawberries and put them in a basket on my bike.