Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss Scarlett in the Ballroom with the Revolver....

Finally i played i got my game of Cluedo!!!!
Anyone around me in the last year would hear me whinging on a lot about how i fancy playing a game of Cluedo.

But so far no-one has owned it and half of them dont know what i'm harping on about.

So i got myself an old Cluedo set off of good-old-ebay.
(Old as in from the 70's as the new ones are all updated with fancy new characters and what-not and that just scared me)

Oh the fun that was commenced on Saturday night.....

We then moved onto a re-match for a game of Pink Scrabble
(pink being the my favourite colour to play Scrabble in)

I moved to the top of the leader board...
mainly by scoring my personal best word score of 48.
My big sister informed me,
when i told her this piece of information,
that i'm a geek and that shouldnt brag about knowing
my top word (and game) score at Scrabble,
a) its not cool and
b)nobody else could care less.....


  1. a lot of fun indeed! :) scrabble is my favorite- and i love that yours is old! and that you know your top word


  2. That game is fun! Even though I'm terrible at it.

  3. Just wondering...could any of your opponents claim English as their native tongue...?

  4. ummm, no...but that hasnt stopped them from beating me before...
    although it also means that they make up words that they think sound-like english words....

  5. Wait wait wait.
    PINK scrabble? I want one.

  6. Love boardgames, love scrabble. Pink scrabble - I want one!!!