Saturday, April 17, 2010

Come join me in Amsterdam...

I love my ex-flat mate Vikki who now lives in Austria.
She is one of those people who is never really angry and smiles when they are sad.

(just an average trip to the bank with Vikki)

Her status on Facebook today read -

"amsterdam is amazing...just i didnt find the water!!! donalds tastes the lets see how its continuing tomorrow;-)"

to which i wrote her a comment saying i didnt know she was in Amstedam and wished i was there too. Her reply really made me smile,

"we planned a trip for 4 of us because one friend has 30th birthday...but all flights are we are still in vienna and will stay here....but we met yesterday out in vienna and acted as if we were in amsterdam:-) so u must not be jealous....i am stuck in austria"

I told her i'm on my way to Amsterdam to visit.

(painting of amsterdam canals)

For anyone stuck at the airports or just a little bit bored...
come join us in Amsterdam!

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