Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Romeo and Julietiing....

We are currently performing Romeo and Juliet again and i can say without a doubt that it is my favourite ballet to dance in.

I think mainly because of the music. Prokofiev's score has so much energy and drama to it that it makes it inspires you to give everything to it without even trying. Especially the ballroom scene....i never tire of it....

I also like the version we do which is by a Hungarian choreographer called Yuri Vamos. It is set in Italy during the 1930's with each family a different side of the mob.

And no matter how many time i have seen the death moves me to tears every time.

I cant wait for performance on friday...

here is a little sneak peak...


  1. oh wow, i've always regretted not studying ballet. i don't know what i was thinking!

    good luck on friday!

  2. aaaah I so wish I can dance now!

  3. I love this ballet! I saw it in Vienna and my goodness it was beautiful! Lucky you!

  4. I have never seen R and J as a ballet. It looks so good!

    And you brought up Anne and Gilbert yesterday and made me swoon again...I loved him in high school, like really loved him :)