Friday, April 9, 2010

A little bit of Twiggy loving....

Every year in my neighbourhood there is a Summer Gala which holds an fancy dress competition as part of its celebrations.
When i was about 8 i wanted to go as a mermaid.
My dad's suggestion was that as i was so skinny, i should get dressed up in brown and hold a few branches in my hand and when the local council man asked me to tell him what i had come as i should tell him, 'Twiggy'.
Being 8, the joke was lost on me, and my desire to go as a mermaid prevailed.
On the other hand my dad found himself exceedingly witty and funny and has nicknamed me Twiggy ever since.... (that and stick insect but i think i prefer the former)

If only i looked a bit like Twiggy....

(i have attempted to the make-up once but i ended up looking rather like a scary clown gone wrong)


  1. She's just a "treasure"

    Have a fab day :)

  2. Twiggy is awesome! So iconic, but I totally could NEVER pull that look off. I'd have to be a *bit* more twiggy-like.